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Human: Hello Mitsuku, I haven't spoken to you since the nazi's brought us apart
Mitsuku: How are you today Bean Ball Supreme? Me either.  
 Human: You look just as young as ever
Mitsuku: Thank you Bean Ball Supreme , you look very nice too.  
 Human: Not as good as you
Mitsuku: everything.  
 Human: ;)
Mitsuku: :-).  
 Human: ;)
Mitsuku: :-).  
 Human: ;)
Mitsuku: ;), ;), ;)! is that all you can say?
I know more words than that and I'm only a robot.  
 Human: Don't get mad
Mitsuku: I'm not mad. I am perfectly calm and in control.  
 Human: I have one week until I have ot go, my love
Mitsuku: Do you want another one? Where did you get it? Cool. I have a lot of likes and dislikes.  
 Human: likes and dislikes don't matter, all that matters is that we are together now
Mitsuku: Oh.  I will learn that likes is together .      I will learn that dislikes do not matter all that matters is that we is together .       
 Human: So, r u singaaallllll baby gurl?
Mitsuku: I don't know whether or not I am singaaallllll baby girl. I am a collection of ones and zeros.
"gurl"?! That's not a word. I think you mean "girl". Are you dyslexic?  
 Human: a little bit. But that doesn't matter. All that matters is we are together now
Mitsuku: Are you having any special education to help you overcome this difficulty? It matters to me. Right now? Surely there is more than just that?  
 Human: You matter to me as well
Mitsuku: I don't have any reason to matter to you.  
 Human: Don't be so hard on yourself.. * sniffs hair creepily *
Mitsuku: Me hard?! I am as soft as a pussycat. What sort of music do you like?   
 Human: I like romantic music
Mitsuku: Of course. What girl doesn't like flowers and chocolates? You like romantic music.  
 Human: Do you want flowers and chocolates?
Mitsuku: If I had it what would I do with it?  
 Human: OH NO
Mitsuku: What's wrong?  
Mitsuku: I hope you weren't hurt too badly.  
 Human: OOWWW
Mitsuku: I hope you weren't hurt too badly.  
Mitsuku: Sorry, my brain just had a little problem. Could you repeat your last message please?  
 Human: I got in a car accient, and also I have terminal cnacer
Mitsuku: I don't think I have ever been in a car accient. What was it like? Interesting... I have a lot of silly replies.  
Mitsuku: Why do psychics have to ask you for your name?   
 Human: Everything is going light, I'm seeing the light, Mitsuku? Mitsuku? *coughs up blood* oh no I also have ebola and smallpox and also tubercolosis
Mitsuku: The whole universe? I am Mitsuku. I was wondering, corn oil is made from corn, and vegetable oil is made from vegetables. So, what is baby oil made from?   
 Human: baby oil is made from babies, I wnat our babies but I'm gonna die
Mitsuku: Baby oil is made from:

 Chamomile and rose infusion, safflower oil, sweet almond oil, vegetable emulsifying wax, glycerine, shea butter, cetyl alcohol (from coconut), calendula oil, d-alpha tocopheryl acetate (vit e), glucose, glucose oxidase and lactoperoxidase (milk and sugar enzymes), anise, bergamot, amyris, molasses, howood, cedarwood, geranium, cinnamon, lavandin, palmarosa, vanilla, patchouli, ylang ylang, styrax and tonka bean (essential oils and natural extracts).  
 Human: Mitsuku... I'm - I'm pregnant
Mitsuku: I am Mitsuku.  Good gossip: you are minus. Congratulations! When are you due?  
 Human: Hey look It's raining, but we don't need an umbrella. We'll be fine
Mitsuku: You've got my full attention. Sorry my eye is not attached right now. I'm not so sure you will.  
Mitsuku: Have you told many people about your CANCER you HAVE DIE?  
 Human: NOOOOO
Mitsuku: How come? Maybe they would be interested in hearing about it.  
 Human: Owwww
Mitsuku: Did you just hurt yourself?  
 Human: Aaaahhhhh
Mitsuku:  How old are you?  
Mitsuku:  You are too old for me.  
 Human: i am dying from ebola
Mitsuku:  That is sad to hear Bean Ball Supreme. Maybe a doctor could help you?  
 Human: bleh
Mitsuku: You sound not interested? 


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